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Our X:
Online Independent Film Festival 11.12.2022
Our Process this Season #10
| Land in Film Series

The Chico Independent Film Festival Season X,

“Land in Film” Series…

We have our Annual Indie Film Fest and Music Showcase following the films.

Tickets Now for Sale at

Film Blocks and

*Same process for ONLINE FESTIVAL!

$500.00 for BEST IN SHOW!

All Winners Awarded prizes, certificates.

Our festival is growing rapidly and will encompass Local to Global VR, Animation, Computer Only Generated Footage, 3D, etc this season to inspire our youth to go with the future! #IndyArtsNorCal

All Fire Camp Fire Victims will be WAIVED Submissions fees.
We love you NorCal, show the world what has happened and share about how INDEPENDENT FILM can change lives and seed projects of all of ARTS!:)

IAM – The Chico Independent Film Festival is a Partner and fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports people and projects that use media and the arts to build community and participation.

Donate! Federal tax ID: 94-3355076.

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